Finding a Reputable Moving Firm

Finding a reputable moving company, and in fact the entire home or office move or relocation process is stressful at the best of times, and certainly one in which we are not at our most comfortable, so it clearly makes sense to ask friends and acquaintances for recommendations in this regard, since trust is a big issue here. You will also find that many estate agents have relationships with a handful of trustworthy removal companies, so don’t forget to also try this route!

The Moving Process: Packing up house for moving

  • Obtain removal company recommendations
  • Select at least 3 companies to provide quotations
  • Arrange in-home / office walk-through to facilitate quotation
  • Review and select the most appropriate estimate
  • Sign on the dotted line
  • Packing, packaging, specialist fine art and antiques
  • Moving day

Let’s break down these steps to ensure you are provided with the necessary information to make a wise decision of choice of vendor:

Now you have a list of recommendations, it is vital that you do some research about each of the prospective vendors.  Customer reviews and testimonials are a good place to start and be sure to review the negatives as well as the positives.

Make Contact
Once you have confirmed the 3 prospective removal firms, the next step is to contact each, either to request further information or to arrange an in-home / office free no obligation quote – this can usually be done online, via telephone, or email.

Free No Obligation Estimate
During an in-home/office walk-through, you’ll explain exactly the type of removal services you require: packing, packaging supplies, specialist fine art removals, over-sized items, transportation, insurance, and storage – if required. The layout at the relocation address, steps, floors, etc., Only by providing full details of the services you require will you be provided with an accurate quotation.

Quotation Review
The tedious yet essential part of the process, as you must be sure to read all the fine print and not only the best price quoted.  Ensure that you know whether your move is insured, if additional fees apply, and if there could be any ‘hidden’ additional charges.

Only when you are absolutely happy with the quotation do you put pen to paper and sign on the dotted line.  If you have any questions, now is the time to address them, prior to returning your signed removals estimate to the chosen provider.

Packing & Packaging
If budget allows then definitely go for the ‘stress-free’ entire removal services package offered by your selected moving company – this will include packing, packaging and labelling of all items, packaging supplies, and if you’ve some specialist antiques and fine art that require extra TLC then this too will be taken care of (for an additional already agreed upon fee), usually in a separate ‘special’ van.

Moving Day
The big day arrives, and it’s all hands on deck – except yours if you are lucky!  Your removal company will have a project coordinator who will manage his/her moving team with the following:

  • estimated loading/unloading times
  • travel time
  • dismantling furniture
  • loading planning – ensuring best possible packing and correct distribution for transportation
  • unpacking and reassembling furniture
  • safe delivery of storage items

And that’s it, the relocation and the moving process from start to finish!

Trust and experience canstockphoto4922188
Yes, it’s a lot to think and worry about, so put your trust in a well-established, respected moving company.  When we spoke to Steve Christopher, the owner at C.Wraight & Partners specialists in domestic and home removals in Kent told us: “when searching for a trustworthy removals company, your most important considerations to look for an experienced removal company with a fully trained, skilled and dedicated team that is committed to the job from start to finish, with a variety of vehicles and equipment that are fit for purpose to carry out the work safely and effectively and that meets your specific removal needs and also has an excellent and long-standing reputation in the removals sector”.

Final Thoughts
There are a whole host of small and large removal and moving companies out there on the internet, so make sure you do your research, ask all the right questions, and feel 100% comfortable with your decision before signing on the dotted line.  We’re talking about the transportation of all your worldly goods; your entire business; or your most treasured fine art pieces – don’t take shortcuts. It may take a few minutes longer to do your homework but you’ll feel assured that you are getting the best service out there, for the best possible price!

Article by Deana Smart-Zegna, search marketing and content specialist at Sonet Digital, an Internet marketing company in Kent