The facts about Live Blood Testing

Live Blood Test by Errol Denton

Are you one of the thousands of individuals who suffer pain and discomfort on a daily basis from a health issue that is unresolved even after enduring multiple tests at the doctors’, or a specialist?  It’s both upsetting and frustrating when you personally know how your body is feeling but your GP or other medical advisor is telling you they can’t find anything wrong, and just send you off with a bottle of pills to manage the pain but with no treatment for the actual imbalance/issue.  Well, perhaps it’s time to look at the problem from a different perspective and try something new.

THE FACTS about Live Blood Analysis

  • Living blood cells analysed to ascertain condition, form and health of cells
  • Results captured on-camera (magnified 20,000 times) for immediate viewing on video monitor
  • A Nutritional Microscopist identifies and explains imbalances, excess toxins and other issues
  • A personalised healthy eating plan is designed and explained
  • Full online support given via website and members health club
  • Blood and therefore health returns to healthy balanced state

What is Live Blood Testing

Live Blood Test is the analysis of capillary blood for the purpose of identifying imbalance within the blood.  With the use of a powerful microscope able to magnify up to 20,000 times, a thorough review of the blood sample is made.  From this, a nutritional Microscopist is able to identify key areas of toxicity in the blood and explain how these imbalances occurred.

A petient will then be designed a personalised and strict nutritional plan that is to be followed for a (specified) period of time.  If the diet is adhered to it will result in the blood returning to a healthy balanced state, ultimately bringing the body back to optimum health and general well-being.

Blood Test Process
A small pin-prick of capillary blood is taken from the finger-tip and placed on 3 separate slides, one of which is left to coagulate.  Immediately the blood sample is displayed on the video monitor for the client to view, and the consultant will explain what is being seen – it’s as simple as that!

Healthy Eating Plan
Each persons’ blood analysis reveals different levels of toxicity so there is no one set eating plan to suit everyone.   Your nutritionist will compile a list of healthy non-acid forming foods to eat on a daily basis.  It is Live Blood Test’s intention to provide their clients with an understanding of how to prevent disease by merely correcting the nutritional intake of natural ingredients such as fresh fruit and vegetables.

Blood Science
The level of pH in a healthy body should be 7.365 – slightly alkaline, and rather like our body temperature, the body will do whatever it can to maintain the 7.365 pH level.  If one over indulges in acidic or unhealthy foods in their diet then the pH level will be lower and thus the body will have to work harder to bring that level back to optimum levels which can cause fatigue and illness.  By eating alkaline rich foods the pH level will return to balance.

Reason for Live Blood Analysis
Live blood analysis has not only been used by individuals who have suffered from a myriad of ailments but also by those who wish to detect potential health issues early, thus enabling them to act accordingly and avoid unnecessary illness or discomfort.

Ailments and health conditions that have been seen to benefit from live blood analysis include:
allergies, arthritis, joint pain, blood pressure, cholesterol, Crohn’s disease/ IBS, eczema, fatigue, gout, headaches and migraines, insomnia, menopause, parasites, skin problems, yeast infections and weight loss/gain.

Lifestyle Living
Live Blood Test consultants do not profess to cure all ills and always recommend you consult a conventional doctor or specialist with any serious health issues that you have.  They do however offer an alternative and healthy approach to healing your body without invasive treatments, anti-biotics or pills.  The only supplements you’ll ingest when following the healthy eating plan will be those created from food products.

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